Navy Veteran

Ahmed Ahmouda

Ahmed is a Navy Veteran, used to be the head of Navy digital transformation department. He did several ToT’s either in the navy for Engineers to become Team leaders and foster their team’s innovation capacity. He holds double diplomas: Engineering degree and innovation management master’s degree accredited by the EU (Dicamp.eu). Since 2017, he has immersed himself in the world of innovative entrepreneurship and strongly believes in innovation as an axis of economic development by helping startups and SMEs to create and capture value from innovation. He was Startup Performance Manager in a Startup Accelerator and program manager for several support programs. He was also responsible for the first awareness campaign on Startup ACT under the praise of Smart Capital, and this in more than 10 regions in Tunisia and more than 1,700 people sensitized and helped over 100 startups define a commercial Proof Of Concept. Today, He is a part-time professor and the Director of Operations of a global business hub in Poland.